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June 2nd, 2017 / 00:00

For our client, an international bank, in Prishtina, Kosovo we are looking for:





  • Work closely with corporate executives, business managers, audit and legal counsel to understand corporate requirements related to security and regulatory compliance, and to map those requirements to current security projects.
  • Develop, implement, and manage the overall enterprise process for security strategy and associated architecture and engineering standards.
  • Develop and implement policies, standards, and guidelines related to bank security.
  • Oversee the continuous monitoring and protection of facilities, personnel and information systems. Evaluate suspected security in Head Office, branches and sub-branches and recommend corrective actions (including incidents involving outside vendors)
  • Serve as enterprise focal point for security incident response planning and execution.
  • Assist Internal Audits in the development of appropriate criteria needed to assess the level of new/existing application and/or technology infrastructure elements for compliance with enterprise security standards.
  • Establish and monitor formal certification programs regarding enterprise security standards relating to the planned acquisition and/or procurement of new applications and technologies.
  • Assist in the review of applications and/or technology environments during the development or acquisitions process to (a) assure compliance with bank security policies and directions.
  • Oversee the development of, and be the enterprise champion of, a bank security awareness and training program.
  • Ensures that bank’s information system and data center are in safe and protected environment, while working closely with the bank’s IT Department.
  • Evaluates changes to the bank environment for security impact and present findings to management.
  • In coordination with architect preparing tender document for construction and for supplying new branches and sub branches with all necessary equipment.
  • Making sure that all building are fully operated.
  • Responsible for reporting to his/her department activities, as the relevant department may request.
  • Evaluates the reports prepared by his/her staff related to activities conducted by the Department, if necessary, in light of the information obtained from the reports, makes changes in working manners, activities conducted and targets.




  • At Least Bachelor’s Degree or similar experience;
  • Excellent writing and speaking on both of Albanian and English Languages;
  • Minimum 5 (five) years working experience in relevant field;
  • Possessing following skills at the level required by the managerial and functional responsibilities of the post:
    • Analytical thinking;
    • Delegation;
    • Strategic evaluation and strategic developing;
    • Decision – making;
    • Coordination and guidance
    • Negotiation skills
  • Following subjects are required at the post related level:
    • Security policies and procedures
    • Alarm system
    • Key management
    • Camera surveillance
    • Investigation
    • Overall security issues


REMUNERATION/ SALARY: Highly competitive.