People First – Students Training Courses and Internships.


During September - October, in the framework of the "People First" Project, The Headhunter, in coordination with the Vocational Training Centers and Hospitality-Tourism businesses of Tirana, Shkodra, Durrës, Vlora and Korça, regions, the development of the 6 week theoretical and 1 month practical courses, continues successfully for all candidates selected from the applications submitted for attending the courses.

More than 130 students have already completed the theoretical part in the DRFPPs and are following the internships in the Hospitality-Tourism businesses all over Albania, for the professions: Hotel - Tourism Manager, Tourist Guide, Chef, Bartender, Receptionist, Technical, Maintenance and Cleaning Service.

Meanwhile, new courses have started and are under development at DRFPPs, and also a big number of applications continue arriving every day from interested persons, mainly young people, for attending the courses of the “People First” project.