Job Seekers

Career Resources



Find a job


A Resume?

An interview with a resume that shows skills, experience and qualifications for the job.


Temporary job?

Temporary employment provides opportunities for employees with multiple skills, experience and education.


Accompanying letter

Draw attention and show why are you the best candidate for this job writing a ggod accompanying letter.


How do you worth?

Do you worth for the job market? An advanced search will position you better to negotiate on the basis of talent and experience that you can offer to the job.

Decent work

Follow success with job offers and satisfaction narrowing the search to companies that suit you best.


To win the job



Use the interview to create a good first impression and to convince the company that you are the right candidate for this job.


Preparing for the interview

The time you need to prepare the interview  increase your confidence, ensuring that you make the best impression.


Model of a Resume

Make your resume a powerful tool for job search by using this simple example for more ideas on the organization and its formatting.


Your references

Choosing references is the most critical part for success in the job. Learn what references should be used and how these references will help.


Is your resume a good one?

Write a resume that highlights your qualifications to be notified for an interview.


Closer to the job offer

The plan for tracking and communication interview after interview.


Model of accompanying letter

Some ideas how to adjust a accompanying letter in format,language and stile.


Talking about the benefits

Learn about the indirect benefits that have on your desk to assess the job offer.


In work

Strategy  of resignation –Recommendations regarding the resignation.

Make that your resignation to be a positive process for you,your manager and your career.


Beyond work

Progress of your career

Focus on your career goals with a solid plan and well defined action steps. It's time to assess where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there.