Job Seekers

Short Guide for Application process


  • First step in this process should be targeting the positions you are interested in.  Be focused and analytical while doing this research.  If possible, try to find as much information on the employer and use that information in the next steps.
  • Next step should be the preparation of your CV. Keep in mind that your CV is a “living” material, and it should be adapted to each position you are applying for. Be aware that the initial screening of your CV might be done by the computer, but also by the human, so, your task is to make your resume “visible” to both of them. In order to do that in a proper way, you need to read the job description very carefully and in accordance with it, you give very simple and clear information on your suitability. 
  • If the employer requires the cover letter to your resume, then take your time for preparing it, adapted to each position. The cover letter needs to contain very simple and articulate information on your strengths regarding that particular position. 
  • Upload your Job Application.